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Download Among Us For Free Latest Version

Among Us Game is a new 2D multiplayer game for PC that focuses on cooperative gameplay in a science fiction setting, with players charged with keeping different spacecraft systems healthy before the entire ship breaks into thousands of pieces.

With fast-paced action, a myriad of strategies, multiple winning situations, and limitless ways to make each game absolutely unique, Between Us for PC is one of the most exciting and easy-to-play co-op games released in recent years. It's entertaining to download it.

Download Among Us For Free Latest Version
Download Among Us For Free Latest Version

What is the story Among Us about?

Among Us is a murder mystery game set on a spacecraft called "The Skeld," the headquarters of the firm MIRA, a research center on the planet Polus, or an Airship. One to three players will be picked at random as Impostors, who must blend in with the Crewmates and kill them.

Among Us for PC is one of the most enjoyable and simple to play cooperative experiences published in recent years, with rapid action, a large range of strategies, various win scenarios, and countless ways to make each game absolutely unique.

Each member of the ship crew has one goal in the Among Us game, which can be played using emulators BlueStacks and LDPlayer. The real human crew is tasked with doing maintenance duties all throughout the ship, reacting fast to imposter sabotage, reporting any weird finds, holding emergency meetings, or ejecting the impostors from the ship in order to fill the group taskbar.

Alien impostors, on the other hand, merely need to kill the crew in whatever manner they can, ideally by keeping anonymous, framing another crewmember for sabotage or murder, anonymously offing crewmembers when they are away from their pals, and fast-moving throughout the ship using secret vents.

This casual survival game has become a real favorite with rookie and young PC players since its release in 2018, allowing them to enjoy exciting cooperative gameplay with a good dosage of casual deceit, turbulence, and friendly rivalry.

The game includes a built-in text chat feature as well as extensive interaction with the Discord software for audio communication.

Features of among us game

  1. Close the doors to entrap and kill the victims in the comfort of their own homes.
  2. Use sabotage to wreak havoc on the crew and split them.
  3. Sneak through the vents to go about the ship quickly.
  4. To fit in with the rest of the team, pretend to be working on assignments.
  5. Assassinate crew members and innocent onlookers.
  6. Vote to get suspected Impostors kicked out of the game.
  7. To discuss a questionable activity, call an emergency meeting.
  8. Please report any dead bodies as soon as possible so that the inquiry into the accused Impostor may commence.
  9. To win, do the jobs to prepare the ship or expel all of the Impostors.
  10. To undo the Impostor's sabotage, act swiftly.
  11. Using the Admin map and Security cameras, keep an eye on your fellow Crewmates.

Download among us apk for android and ios

We encourage playing with friends at a LAN party or online via voice chat, as this game was designed as a party game. Play on Android, iOS, and PC at the same time.

And here we have come to the end of our topic and we wish you an enjoyable reading and to download among us free here is the link.

Download among us for free latest version for android

Download among us for free latest version for Ios

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