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Best Coding Apps for Kids to Learn Programming For Free

Parents are seeking alternative ways to reinforce their children's coding principles at home since coding has become an important part of their education. Here are the Best Coding Apps for Kids. Your youngster has access to coding websites, games, and online classes, among other things.

As a result, there has been a recent increase in coding applications for kids that teach the basics of coding to children as young as three years old. Although some of these applications teach a specific language, the majority of them concentrate on teaching coding concepts.

Best Coding Apps for Kids to Learn Programming For Free
Best Coding Apps for Kids to Learn Programming For Free

Why Should Kids Learn to Code?

Apps have the advantage of being accessible from any location on your phone or tablet. Riddles, puzzles, and unstructured play help children develop "soft" skills like resilience, problem-solving, and patience.

There are a plethora of coding applications available for youngsters. This helpful guide was intended to assist parents in selecting the best applications for their children, ranging from preschool through ninth grade and beyond.

Best Coding  Android Apps for Children

This collection of coding applications might help you get started with coding. It also teaches children to use technology as producers rather than just consumers.

In addition to developing logical thinking, math, and reading abilities, emerging programmers may use new coding skills to design their own games and solve challenges.

Our greatest coding applications for kids come in a variety of formats geared for different ages and skills, and teach anything from simple instructions to complicated programs.



ScratchJr is a free coding program for kids who are just learning to code. ScratchJr allows young children (ages 5-7) to create interactive tales and games on their own computers. They learn how to solve issues, create projects, and express themselves artistically on the computer as a result of this process.

ScratchJr teaches young children how to develop and express themselves with computers, not just how to interact with them. Kids learn to solve issues and design projects as a result of this process, as well as build sequencing abilities that are essential for subsequent academic achievement.

Pros of ScratchJr‏:

  • Coding is viewed as a new form of literacy.
  • Coding is similar to writing in that it helps you organize your thoughts and convey your ideas.
  • ScratchJr teaches young children how else to invent and present themselves with computers, not just how to interact with them.

Download ScratchJr‏ For Android

Download ScratchJr‏ For IOS

Code spark Academy

Code spark Academy

Code spark is a coding software for kids that looks like the vibrant 2d environments in Super Mario World. Kids maneuver charming characters known as "The Foos" about their environment in search of various prizes using drag-and-drop code blocks.

Every level in CodeSpark is distinct from the one before it. With the monthly membership, new content is frequently added to keep things fresh. In CodeSpark, players are awarded bonus gold stars for writing code as efficiently as possible, a skill that so many coding games overlook.

The award-winning software codeSpark Academy teaches youngsters how to code. Kids enjoy coding because of the game-like interface, and they aren't even aware they're learning. The Foos are adorable creatures who teach kids how to code.

Each world delves into a fundamental coding topic, requiring students to apply reasoning and problem-solving abilities to assist The Food in completing tasks. As youngsters learn to build their own tales and games, the app enables them to become creators.

Download Code spark Academy apk For Android

Download Code spark Academy apk For IOS

Daisy the Dinosaur

Daisy the Dinosaur

Daisy the Dinosaur is a fantastic coding app for kids from the same people that brought you Hopscotch (also on this list). Kids use a simple interface to drag-and-drop orders to make a wonderful dinosaur move, hop, and dance. Both girls and boys enjoy the charming female dinosaur.

Daisy the Dinosaur uses a series of entertaining small tasks to teach basic coding principles such as sequencing and conditionals. A "free play" mode is also available. The software is designed for children who are too young for Hopscotch.

It's understandable for 4-year-olds, but since directions are written, not spoken, parents may need to help them read. Meanwhile, older kids may find the game too simple and finish it in the least amount of time.

It's a fun app that's free to download. It's an excellent approach to pique children's interest in the potential of computer programming.

Download Daisy the Dinosaur For Iphone



Kodable is a fantastic coding tool for teaching kids basic to advanced programming techniques. Teachers may teach their kids to code using Kodable's easy-to-follow lesson plans that are focused on student goals. No prior understanding of computer science is necessary. Kodable will assist children in learning Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS, Java, and other programming languages.

Kodable simplifies computer science for kids by breaking it down into the fundamental principles they need to succeed in life. Kodable provides resources on a variety of themes, including communication and social-emotional development, as well as the application of computer science in the real world.

From kindergarten through fifth grade, Kodable is meant to help youngsters learn to code. It is well-liked by both parents and educators. When students reach middle school, they may simply graduate to Kodable's companion product, web-based CodeHS.

Download Kodable For IOS

Think and Learn Code a Pillar

Think and Learn Code a Pillar

Code-a-Pillar teaches sequences to very young children and is an excellent introduction to games that employ drag-and-drop code blocks, which are the norm in most children's coding applications. This game is initially enticing to children due to the friendly caterpillar, vivid colors, and enjoyable soundtrack.

The associated Fisher-Price caterpillar toy may be utilized with or without this coding program for youngsters, while the item does bring its own set of learning hurdles. Mini-challenges intersperse the levels, reinforcing non-coding abilities such as counting.

Download Think and Learn Code a Pillar apk for android

Download Think and Learn Code a Pillar for IOS

Code Karts

Code Karts

Code Karts is the game for your youngster if he or she likes racing automobiles. Players use drag-and-drop code to steer colored race vehicles across a course. This game is designed for children and does not require any reading abilities. Simple color matching may be used to beat the first ten levels, which are free.

For an extra $1.99, you can unlock 60 more levels that become harder as you continue and demand more coding skills. There is also a racing mode in this game. By driving another car around in the track, players may put their coding skills to the test.

Download Code Karts For Android

Download Code Karts For IOS

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