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Best QR Code Scanner Apps for Android

QR codes scanner were originally thought to be the coolest and most sophisticated method for businesses to engage with clients on the internet. Unfortunately, technology hasn't exploded in the way some have envisioned so we are going to talk about the Best QR code Scanner Apps. QR codes scanner have shown to be useful and are still in use, even though they are not widely used.

Best QR Code Scanner Apps for Android
Best QR Code Scanner Apps for Android

Best Free QR Code Reader For Free

When creating a QR code, keep in mind that it must be decoded using a QR code reader/scanner.

Barcodes used to be simple black and white patterns. When scanning them, scanners didn't even break a sweat.

With the advent of QR codes scanner, the technology for decoding them has advanced, allowing for improved reading and faster response times.

Best Free QR Code Reader Android 2022

If you're looking for the finest QR Code scanner applications for Android and iOS, you've come to the right place. You've arrived at the correct location. This tutorial will show you how to find the best QR Code reader applications.

Kaspersky QR Scanner

Kaspersky QR Scanner

Kaspersky QR Scanner is one of the best free third-party scanning apps available for iOS and Android.

It is exactly what you'd expect a QR scanning software from a cybersecurity company to do: scan for hazardous and harmful QR codes. It was developed by the cybersecurity professionals at Kaspersky. It's just like your phone's native Camera app in terms of ease of use. One of the greatest QR Code scanners for Android is Kaspersky's.

Pros of Kaspersky QR Scanner:

  1. With its smartphone software, Kaspersky, an international cybersecurity business, hopes to make reading QR Codes secure.
  2. When a user scans a QR Code using the app, the data is instantly saved in the smartphone for simple retrieval of old files, photographs, and data.
  3. It includes Kaspersky's safety tests to verify that a QR Code does not lead to a harmful website or content. It keeps track of all QR scans performed using the app in one place.

Download Kaspersky QR Scanner For Free

QR Droid

QR Droid

QR Droid is more than simply a scanner for QR codes, barcodes, and Data Matrix. It also converts your phone into a QR code generator.

Their XQR tags, which are proprietary QR codes, may be connected to any resource. You may also personalize them, share them, and keep track of their worldwide statistics.

Get QR Droid by PC World and Android Magazine. QR Droid allows you to share almost anything digitally.

Pros of QR Droid:

  1. Generate XQR Codes for a large number of 'Plain Text' and 'Contact' QR Codes.
  2. Scanning QR Codes using your camera, browser, SD card, or stored picture
  3. Scanning a QR Code in a magazine will instantly take you to a video.
  4. There are two options: 'Inbox' and 'Feedback.' Using the in-app messaging system, you may get critical updates and provide feedback to QR Droid's support staff.
  5. Make a code out of contact or bookmark and send it to a buddy to scan on their device — no typing required.

Download QR Droid For Free

QR Reader for Android

QR Reader for Android

QR Reader for Android, developed by Tap Media in the UK, scans QR codes quickly and easily. What sets it apart from the competition is that it can be used to scan a wide range of objects.

For example, QR Reader for Android can be used to scan Sudoku puzzles and store them on your smartphone, so you can play them on the go. It may also be used to send QR codes to friends and family via email or social media.

Pros of QR Reader for Android:

  1. Make and distribute your own QR codes.
  2. A view of the entire map
  3. Make your own QR code for your business card.
  4. You may share through email, Facebook, and Twitter using an integrated web browser.

Download QR Reader for Android



NeoReader, from NeoMedia Technologies, Inc., brings us back to the world of QR and barcode scanners. A capable scanner that does everything while using just roughly 4 MB of internal memory on your mobile device.

You may scan practically any sort of barcode with NeoReader, including 1D and 2D codes such as QR, Data Matrix, Aztec, EAN, UPC, Code 39, Code 128, PDF 417, and so on. When it comes to barcodes, there's a specific page that lets you manually enter the code's number or choose a picture.

The process of reading QR codes is simple and quick. To get started, simply pull down the main menu. After scanning a QR code, you may either access the link in your mobile device's browser or tap "More" to save the information or share it by email, SMS, Facebook, or WhatsApp.

Pros of NeoReader:

  1. There is no need for framing or alignment. Simply scan with your pointer.
  2. Make your own QR codes for nothing!
  3. Verify websites before going to them.
  4. Customize the sound of scanning
  5. Live-stream scanning in all directions
  6. Send by email, text message, Facebook, or Twitter.

Download Neo Reader For Android



You may scan codes using your mobile device's camera or have information decoded from a snapshot of a code with Bar-Code. As a result, instead of starting the camera when you first launch the app, you must first hit the main button to begin scanning. When you scan a code, the information, as well as the format of the code, will be presented on the screen.

Following that, you may "do something with scanned barcodes," such as email, SMS, Google Drive, Facebook, and so on. To go to a QR code's true location, for example, touch the option "Search the last barcode on the Internet."

Bar-Code was a free app with advertisements. For $0.99, you may get them removed. Then there's Bar-Code Professional, which costs $3.99 and comes with a lot of customizing choices.

 Pros of Bar-Code:

  1. Press and hold the "TAP TO START SCAN" button while pointing the camera at your QR Code to begin scanning. To scan a barcode, the camera must be properly aligned with it.
  2. I like how the program allows users to share scanned codes through email or store them on their devices.
  3. It also allows you to copy/paste code into other apps and do a web search. Users may use Dropbox or Google Drive to save a list of all scanned codes.

Download Bar-Code For Free

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