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Best Camera Apps For Android Free Download

Over the years, smartphone cameras have improved greatly. Modern smartphones have replaced the requirements for a point-and-shoot camera, they can capture colors and details that are comparable to those captured by DSLR or mirrorless cameras and you can download the best free camera apps.

While there are different phones with the greatest camera hardware for certain settings, the software that processes the collected photographs changes from one phone to the next.

Best Camera Apps For Android Free Download
Best Camera Apps For Android Free Download

What is the best camera app for Android 2022?

As a result, stock camera apps are usually superior to third-party camera apps. OEMs just have a better grasp of their camera setups and are better able to alter them.

Smartphone photography has gained in popularity among amateurs and professionals alike because it gives a convenient and quick way to capture life's special moments on the go while still delivering professional-looking images.

Best Free Camera Filter Apps for Android

As more individuals continue to include mobile photography into their everyday lives, whether as a fast memory capture, a social media image, or even as part of a professional workflow, it's critical to make the most of each device's capabilities.

This is especially true for phones like Google's, Samsung's, and Huawei's, which integrate AI and other software upgrades with the camera hardware. In some cases, though, third-party software may be beneficial. Here are the finest Android camera applications.

Camera FV-5 Lite

Camera FV-5 Lite

Camera FV-5 Lite is a free program that gives you the tools you need to take images the way you desire. We picked the light version of the app since it is free, and it is a good way to test out the software. If you enjoy how it works, you can always upgrade to the full version to receive access to all of the features.

If you've used a professional camera before, you'll be familiar with the entire range of manual options available on the FV-5. You have total control over the photographs you're taking, from exposure to focus distance and shutter speed. You can also shoot in RAW with this software, and you have the option to see a histogram in the viewfinder, which is useful.

 Pros of Camera FV-5 Lite:

  1. An integrated intervalometer allows you to create amazing time-lapses (including bracketed/HDR ) and time-controlled photo series.
  2. Full-featured exposure bracketing: 3–7 frames, infinite stops spacing, and configurable EV shifting.
  3. Photo capture formats that are ideal for post-processing include JPEG, real 16-bit RAW in DNG format*, and lossless PNG.
  4. The most sophisticated electronic viewfinder on the market, including a live RGB histogram, 10 composition grid overlays, and 9 crop instructions.
  5. Using a multitouch pinch motion, you may digitally zoom in. Shows 35mm comparable focal length as well.

Download Camera FV-5 Lite from google play

ProCam X – Lite

ProCam X – Lite

We've included a lite version of a program since it's free, and you may purchase the full version if you enjoy the features. ProCam X – Lite has certain pro-level capabilities, such as granular control over shutter speed, white balance, ISO, and other settings, as well as all the usual manual camera choices.

In terms of video, you'll get manual shooting settings, as well as the ability to choose a custom bitrate and support for shooting up to 4K. Interval shot is a function that allows you to capture stop motion or time-lapse films directly from the app.

Pros of ProCam X – Lite:

  1. Face identification/face recognition * Front back hd camera pro option * Burst camera mode with variable delay to produce stop motion or a time-lapse movie.
  2. The user interfaces for changing the orientation without pausing work in any direction.
  3. Excellent, comparable to the finest HD camera performance.
  4. DSLR cameras have the option of selecting manual ISO.
  5. Manual Focus, similar to that of a DSLR HD camera.

Download ProCam X – Lite for free



Another of the older and more popular camera applications is Cymera. It places a greater emphasis on mainstream qualities. As a result, you'll have access to a wide range of filters, stickers, special effects, and other features.

It features a beautiful camera mode as well. It has the ability to add or remove characteristics from your face and body. We're not huge supporters of such drastic changes but to each his or her own. It also comes with a picture editor for modest adjustments. It is available for free download. Additional items can be purchased as in-app purchases.

Pros of Cymera:

  1. Make adjustments to the brightness, contrast, color temperature, and saturation of the image.
  2. MEME is a program that allows you to create memes.
  3. Skin Glow is a tool for enhancing the appearance of the skin.
  4. A collage maker and a poster-making tool.
  5. Selfie filter and cosmetics tool.
  6. Blur effect from a DSLR camera.

Download Cymera for android from google play

Google Camera

Google Camera

Google Camera is the company's official camera application. It's the one that most Google gadgets have. It offers a limited number of features, but they are effective. A lens blur option, slow motion (for compatible devices), photospheres, video stabilization, and other features are included. Compatibility is the only drawback. This is only compatible with Android 7.1.1 and above (at the time of this writing).

Even later, it's probable that only smartphones running the most recent version of Android will be able to utilize it. Otherwise, it's completely free and quite enjoyable. If you get the most out of Google Camera, you'll have to sideload a customized version for your device.

 Pros of Google Camera:

  1. Motion Mode - Capture life as it's happening. Take professional-quality action pans and long exposures.
  2. Top Shot - With Top Shot, you may choose the finest time. It will automatically suggest the finest photos when no one is blinking and everything appears to be in order.
  3. Night Sight - After using Night Sight, you'll never want to use your flash again. All of the nuances and colors that are lost in the dark are brought out with Night Sight. Even the Milky Way can be photographed.

Download Google Camera For Free

Open Camera

Open Camera

is a free and easy app for taking images and shooting movies with your smartphone. Open Camera is a wonderful place to start if you want more control over the photos you take and want to explore with manual settings.

You get some cool features like an alignment blip that ensures your images are straight, low-light Noise suppression, as well as the ability to fire guns by yelling cheese or producing a certain sound. The user interface is simple, and there are no advertisements in the program.

Pros of Open Camera:

  1. Choose from a variety of grids and crop instructions to overlay.
  2. For usage with attachable lenses, an upside-down preview option is available.
  3. Make a noise or use the voice command "cheese" to shoot a photo from afar.
  4. Panorama with front-facing camera included.
  5. Mode for focusing brackets.

Download Open Camera App For Free

Candy Camera

Candy Camera

This one dates from the days when most smartphone camera applications were barebones and you needed an app that could take nice selfies with colorful effects. Candy Camera is mostly for selfies, with a focus on users who enjoy sharing their photos on Instagram or other social networking platforms.

Pros of Candy Camera:

  1. Your skin will glow with the Candy Camera filter.
  2. Candy Camera is the best selfie camera on the market. 
  3. Multi-touch allows you to quickly resize and reposition each sticker.
  4. Take a selfie without being ashamed because the camera is quiet.
  5. Because the camera is silent, you may take a selfie without feeling embarrassed.

Download Candy Camera From Google Play

Footej Camera 2

Footej Camera 2

Footej Camera 2 is a brand-new, fantastic, simple-to-use, powerful professional camera software that's ready to record, organize, and breathe fresh life into your favorite experiences!

With the finest camera app, you can improve the quality of your photos! Footej is a one-of-a-kind picture and video camera application that makes use of Android's camera 2 API! The pro-level camera app is simple to use, takes great photographs, and creates masterpieces.

Pros of Footej Camera 2 :

  1. HDR+ (high dynamic range plus) (Pixel 2 devices).
  2. Slow-motion.
  3. Selfie Light is the greatest selfie camera app.
  4. An extended exposure.
  5. Animated GIFs are a great way to express yourself creatively.
  6. varying degrees of attention and exposure.

Download Footej Camera 2 App For Free

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