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Best Android Data Recovery Apps For Free

What to do if you are not aware of cloud storage and lost some files on your Android phone? Here in particular, deleted file recovery programs for Android will play a vital and very important role in solving this dilemma and recovering that data.

Some file recovery programs are so professional that they will recover some data for you that you never imagined that there was any chance to recover them, as some recovery programs work by Download an application on the phone, while others work on the computer by connecting the phone to the computer to start retrieving the files.

Best Android Data Recovery Apps For Free
Best Android Data Recovery Apps For Free

Best Android Data Recovery Software

Android is one of the best devices that most people use on a daily basis. There are many things we can do with our Android device like taking pictures, uploading media files like audio, video, photos, etc., and most importantly, downloading games and apps.

But, what if the data was deleted from your Android phone, by mistake or without your knowledge? It can be difficult when you lose important files or data on your phone, but the good thing is that there are a lot of programs out there that help in recovering lost data.

Here are some of the best recovery apps for Android that can help you fix this issue, like recovering deleted Facebook messages if you encountered them before.

What is Android Recovery Software and How does it work?

Android recovery software is used to locate and repair files on Android devices that have been damaged, wiped by mistake, or are otherwise missing or malfunctioning. Users are typically attempting to recover files from the internal memory of an Android phone, such as a Samsung Galaxy or a Google Pixel.

That is, rather than retrieving data from a memory card or SD card, a user is attempting to recover data from the phone itself. SD cards, like hard drives, can be placed into a reader attached to a computer and utilized as a conventional storage medium.

Dr.fone Recovery App For Android Without Root

Dr.fone Recovery App For Android Without Root

Dr.fone data recovery software claims to be the first in the world to offer personal data recovery. It's been a market leader for over eight years and now supports over 6000 Android devices. Even files from Samsung cellphones that have been broken can be extracted.

This app can recover a variety of file kinds from rooted phones, including music, text messages, contacts, movies, photographs, documents, and WhatsApp chats.

With this app on your side, you can recover lost data in a variety of situations, including accidental deletion, system crashes, forgotten passwords, SD card troubles, rooting errors, ROM flashing, damages, black screens, factory resets, and so on.

Download Dr.fone Recovery App For Android Without Root

Disk Drill Android Data Recovery App

Disk Drill Android Data Recovery App

Disk Drill 4 android data recovery program works on Mac OS X to recover data from SD cards and internal memory on rooted Android devices, even after a factory reset.

The main objective of DiskDigger is to recover photos and movies from hard discs. While it won't help you recover deleted photographs or videos if your computer is afflicted with a virus or has a faulty operating system, it can find and recover deleted call records, messages, and other related data.

With the free version, you may restore photos and videos. You may unlock the ability to recover additional file types by purchasing the Pro edition of DiskDigger.

Download Disk Drill Best Android Data Recovery App

Tenor Share UltData

Tenor Share UltData

TenorShare is an android data recovery software that claims to not require root access, making it a standout competitor in comparison to the other apps on our list.

The website demands a guaranteed money back if it doesn't work, and already offers a free trial, but some users have complained about unethical refund policies.

This is another piece of software that, if it works for your device, is fantastic; however, if it doesn't, be prepared for a headache.

  • Advantages :

  1. Recovery without the use of roots .
  2. Call records, WhatsApp communications, and SMS messages can all be recovered.
  3. There is a free download available.

  • Disadvantages:

  1. Refund techniques that are unethical and off-putting .

Download Tenorshare Ultdata For Android

EaseUS Android Data Recovery Apk

EaseUS Android Data Recovery Apk

EaseUS is a straightforward program that may assist you in recovering lost items like contacts, text messages, videos, photographs, documents, and music. It's compatible with over 6000 Android smartphones, including Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, OnePlus, and Asus, to name a few.

The software can recover files from SD cards and internal memory when data is lost due to inadvertent damage, virus assault, device failure, rooting, unsuitable device handling, SD card issues, and other circumstances. Simply connect your device, run a scan for lost data, and recover the files you want in minutes.

Download Ease US Android Data Recovery Apk



Fone Paw allows you to easily recover deleted files and texts from your Android device. This tool scans quicker while maintaining the privacy of your data, including phone records, texts, pictures, videos, documents, and WhatsApp files.

More file kinds are supported, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, HTML, PDF, RAR, ZIP, and others. It doesn't matter if you lost your data due to an accident, an operating system crash, SD card issues, ROM flashing, or a virus assault; the tool can recover all of them.

Over 6000 Android devices are supported with software spanning from version 2.3 to 9.0. Data extraction from damaged Android phones, as well as backup and restoration capabilities, are all included in the app.

download fonepaw android data recovery

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